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Your Gift = Our Goal
EmergencyBIPAP Ventilator$31,532Funded
EmergencyBlanket Warmer$13,482Available
EmergencyCeiling Lifts x 39$14,191 eachAvailable
EmergencyClosed-System Disposal Units x 7$12,133 eachAvailable
EmergencyDecontamination Stretcher$12,133Available
EmergencyDefibrillator (Adult) x 2$26,963 eachAvailable
EmergencyElectrocardiogram (ECG) Carts x 2$47,185 eachAvailable
EmergencyENT Chair$10,785Available
EmergencyGynecological Stretcher$18,874Funded
EmergencyIce and Water Machine x 2$10,785 eachAvailable
EmergencyInfusion Pumps x 39$7,123 eachAvailable
EmergencyIntensive Care Ventilator$95,736Funded
EmergencyPatient Care Monitors on arm x 2$33,703 eachAvailable
EmergencyPatient Exam Room, Ceiling Mounted Lights x 14$8,089 eachAvailable
EmergencyPediatric Resuscitator$1,611Funded
EmergencyPhysiologic Monitors Central Station$40,444Partially Funded; (4 available)
EmergencyPhysiologic Monitors x 12$7,952 eachPartially Funded (4 Available)
EmergencyPoint of Care Carts x 39$2,145 eachAvailable
EmergencyPortable Ventilator$61,624Partially Funded
EmergencyRadiology Screen, Portable$6,741Available
EmergencyRadiolucent Stretcher$20,222Available
EmergencyRapid Infuser$40,444Available
EmergencyRefrigerator, Full Size x 2$17,526 eachAvailable
EmergencyRefrigerator, Half Size$6,741Available
EmergencyRespiratory Heated High-Flow Humidifier x 3$4,523 eachFunded
EmergencySlit Lamp$26,963Funded
EmergencyStretcher Beds x 24$18,874 eachAvailable
EmergencyStretcher Chair x7$14,488 eachAvailable
EmergencyTransport Monitor with Defibrillator $73,715Available
EmergencyTrauma Booms x 2$202,219 eachAvailable
EmergencyVirtual Care Equipment Package$67,406Available
CardiologyCardiac Echo Machine (Replacement)$154,709Available
SurgeryRapid Infuser$25,300Available
SurgeryRecliner Chairs x9$42,500Available
MedicinePediatric Colonoscope$52,850Funded
AmbulatoryChairs for Medical Daycare x 2 (Outpatient IV Therapy)$9,500Available

Through your donations high-priority equipment continues to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital

This new equipment brings the latest and most reliable technology to our facilities, making procedures safer and more effective. Surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff appreciate your support in their quest to deliver the best of medical care to your loved ones.