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Your Gift = Our Goal
Medical ImagingPortable Ultrasound Machines for new Emergency Department X 2$68,7502 Available
Medical ImagingGeneral Purpose Radiographic X-Ray Unit $539,250Available
Medical ImagingERH Mobile (Portable) X-Ray x2$225,1372 Available
CardiologyCardiac Echo Ultrasound$200,000Funded
Operating Room Mini C Arm$114,591Funded
Medical ImagingRenovation of X-Ray Room$311,080Available
Community Outpatient ServicesPortable Ultrasound for PICC Lines$29,665Partially Funded
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)Sensory Intervention Program and Equipment for Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$56,250Available
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)8 Passenger Vans (x2) for Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$120,0002 Available
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)Wellness Program for 64 residents at Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$88,750Available
AudiologyHearing for Kids Program (Hearing Aids for Kids)$3,000Per child - Ongoing need
Operating RoomAreola Tattoo Clinic for post Breast Cancer Patients$30,000Annually
SurgeryRapid Infuser$25,300Available
SurgeryRecliner Chairs x9$42,500Available
AmbulatoryChairs for Medical Daycare x2 (Outpatient IV Therapy)$9,500Available

Through your donations high-priority equipment continues to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital

This new equipment brings the latest and most reliable technology to our facilities, making procedures safer and more effective. Surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff appreciate your support in their quest to deliver the best of medical care to your loved ones.