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Eagle Ridge Hospital’s COVID-19 Wish List

April 3, 2020

If you wish to donate to this fund, we gratefully accept your generosity via an online donation. Please click the Donate Now button to give. We are seeking funds to purchase Portable Suction Machines, Handheld Portable Ultrasound, Oxygen Concentrators, iPads, and two-way radios, to name a few of the items. Eagle Ridge Hospital’s COVID-19 Wish List has been added below.

EmergencyBlood Pressure Machine x 2$4,150 eachFunded
EmergencyOxygen Concentrators x 2$1,555 eachFunded
EmergencyPortable Suction Machines x 2$2,590 eachFunded
EmergencyStandard Patient Bed x 4$12,980 eachAvailable
EmergencyPrivacy Screens x 10$1,295 eachAvailable
EmergencyPortable Handheld Ultrasound$17,475Funded
EmergencyGlidescope "Go"$5,695Funded
Emergency​iPads (w/ wipeable screens) x 6$715 eachAvailable
EmergencyTwo-Way Radios x 6$970 eachAvailable
EmergencyBaby Monitors x 20$115 eachFunded
EmergencyN95 1860S Masks$24.00*Available

*Estimated price for 20. Due to market demands prices are changing daily​.

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