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Allergan commits $20,000 to sponsoring Eagle Ridge Hospital’s Areola Tattoo Clinic

March 16, 2020

Thank you to Allergan Canada who has committed $20,000 to sponsor the Areola Tattoo Clinic at Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH) for another year. Their sponsorship will ensure at least 150 breast cancer survivors in our region can “get their lives back” after their traumatic experience with cancer. These women have undergone mastectomies and breast reconstruction procedures, with the areola tattoo being the  final stage of breast reconstruction.

The Areola Tattoo Clinic at ERH offers a unique service in the Lower Mainland, which draws patients from all over the region. Patients who undergo mastectomies often are left without areolas or nipples thus the 1.5 hour areola tattooing procedure, performed by a highly-skilled registered nurse, is the final stage in their breast cancer journey and truly brings closure for them after many months of treatments and multiple surgeries.

Allergan Canada’s past financial support of this program has directly impacted the lives of over 932 BC-based patients since the program began at ERH in June of 2012.

On behalf of the patients who benefit from the Areola Tattoo Clinic at Eagle Ridge Hospital, the staff, Foundation team and volunteers who strive to provide them with the best possible care, thank you for your continued support.

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