Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation

Wish List for 2022

Your Gift = Our Goal
Medical ImagingPortable Ultrasound Machines for new Emergency Department X 2$68,7502 Available
Medical ImagingGeneral Purpose Radiographic X-Ray Unit $539,250Available
Medical ImagingERH Mobile (Portable) X-Ray x2$225,1372 Available
CardiologyCardiac Echo Ultrasound$200,000Funded
Operating Room Mini C Arm$114,591Funded
Medical ImagingRenovation of X-Ray Room$311,080Available
Community Outpatient ServicesPortable Ultrasound for PICC Lines$29,665Partially Funded
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)Sensory Intervention Program and Equipment for Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$56,250Available
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)8 Passenger Vans (x2) for Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$120,0002 Available
Mental Health (Riverview Lands - renamed səmiq̓wəʔelə)Wellness Program for 64 residents at Connelly, Cottonwood and Cypress Lodges$88,750Available
AudiologyHearing for Kids Program (Hearing Aids for Kids)$3,000Per child - Ongoing need
Operating RoomAreola Tattoo Clinic for post Breast Cancer Patients$30,000Annually
SurgeryRapid Infuser$25,300Available
SurgeryRecliner Chairs x9$42,500Available
AmbulatoryChairs for Medical Daycare x2 (Outpatient IV Therapy)$9,500Available