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Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges Glen & Kelly Hobbis

January 9, 2020

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, we were proud to celebrate Glen & Kelly Hobbis, who along with family & friends officially “cut the ribbon” on the two IV Therapy Treatment Bays, named in their honour, located in the new Community Outpatient Services Department here at Eagle Ridge Hospital.

“Giving back to our community is an important part of who we are. Our family has deep roots in the Tri-Cities community; we’ve been a part of it for almost 100 years – in fact Kelly’s grandparents were next door neighbours to my grandparents!

We chose the IV Therapy spaces in Community Outpatient Services because I have Leukemia, like my grandmother, mom, dad and cousins before me. For the past five years I’ve had aggressive treatment with every imaginable complication; add to that a life-long fear of needles, which this treatment process has made worse. Initially I wanted to not just embrace that fear, I wanted to own it, so that’s why we decided this was the area of the expansion we wanted to support.

Since then though, the reason has changed slightly. Each month when I go to the outpatient IV therapy unit at Eagle Ridge Hospital for a day of immunity boosting blood products, I see the other members of my community (young and old) there doing the same as I. Some are sicker than me, others not, but what is common amongst us all is that we all do better with the support and advocacy of our loved ones. Having Kelly at my side throughout all my treatments and the calmness that gives me is immeasurable. Until today, the physical space just didn’t allow for this. Our hope is that our meaningful donation will help give comfort to those using the IV therapy Clinic and keep their loved ones by their side. If this is the case, then I feel we’ve truly made a difference.

This naming opportunity allows us to leave a “Hobbis Family Legacy” in the community that our family has been a part of for almost 100 years and to honour the exceptional care that I have received at ERH.” – Glen Hobbis

Please join us in thanking Glen & Kelly Hobbis. Their leadership support of the expansion of ERH through naming of these Treatment Bays in the new Community Outpatient Services Department will definitely create a legacy for their family that will undoubtedly inspire others and enable our community to thrive now and for years to come.

About Community Outpatient Services at Eagle Ridge Hospital

Community Outpatient Services (COS) is an integral part of our hospital – designed for the treatment and diagnosis of patients in four key areas: Wound Care, Rapid Access Clinics (i.e. Psychiatry, Infectious Disease, Neurology, Internal Medicine and Respiratory), IV Therapy (i.e. Iron, Blood and IVIG) and Medical Daycare. The increased demand for outpatient services at ERH, combined with the population growth in the Tri-Cities, highlighted the fact that the former space housing COS was undersized and overcrowded. Given these patients often require regular visits to our Hospital, their care and comfort is paramount. The new COS space at ERH will increase efficiencies, capacity and improve patient outcomes; 50% more treatments spaces allows for faster follow-up, keeps patients close to home rather than having them go to outside specialists, as well as allow for the trial of new treatment methods, which will promote better healing.

Thank you for helping us ensure ERH continues to provide Legendary Care. We Deserve It.

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