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Medical Imaging Capital Campaign

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X-Rays guide doctors in all types of patient treatment plans, from broken bones, to COVID-19, to surgical accuracy – quality images require the latest technology.

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Help us improve Medical Imaging Services at ERH. With advanced new X-Ray and mobile X-Ray technology we will reduce wait times and allow for immediate and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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The majority of patients that visit the Emergency Department at ERH, and most pre and post-surgical patients, require medical imaging. Medical imaging includes – X-Ray, mobile X-Ray, CT scans, cardiac echo ultrasound, and fluoroscopy.

Demand for Medical Imaging is already at capacity, and when the new expanded Emergency Department opens next year, the number of patients requiring X-Rays will increase dramatically. Our current equipment is outdated and wait times are too long.

Upgrading our X-Ray technology will mean reduced wait times– for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Help us fund –

  • A Mini C-Arm – an X-Ray attachment used for surgeries
  • A Portable Ultrasound for PICC Lines –used to insert catheter lines enabling patients to avoid frequent needle sticks
  • 2 Mobile Digital X-Ray Machines
  • A General Purpose Radiographic X-Ray Machine
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"Patient care is a top priority for me and my colleagues at Eagle Ridge Hospital, and the quality of care we are known for is something that makes us all proud. We want to ensure our team of doctors and staff have the most updated and reliable tools to reach your diagnosis quickly and save lives."
Dr. Amit Ahuja