Wheel 2 Heal is a fun, challenging and unique bicycle ride through the Tri-Cities that raises money for Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. Whatever your ability and fitness level, we have a route for you. Routes include a Flat PoCo Trail ride with options for 15km, 30 km or 40 km., or a mostly flat but challenging road ride of 65 km or 100km. There is even a free Kid’s Race.

Riders raise a minimum of $250 for the Foundation to continue to provide new equipment to better care for the over 100,000 people that visit Eagle Ridge Hospital each year. Wheel 2 Heal is a great way to give back to a local hospital, get active and have fun with family, friends or as an individual!

Visit the Wheel to Heal website at wheeltoheal.ca for more information.

Dr. Mike Mostrenko talks with Global TV’s Steve Darling about the 2014 Wheel 2 Heal event.