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Eagle Ridge Hospital is known as the Little Hospital with the Big Heart and heart hands has become a symbol of love, gratitude and support shown by patients, families, supporters and community residents.
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Patients come to our Emergency Department, the true “front” door of Eagle Ridge Hospital, for many reasons and that is why we are here. Our role is to deliver the highest level of care to every patient; from wound care and minor traumas, to critical cases requiring resuscitative measures like Tom*, a recent patient who suffered a cardiac arrest. Tom’s life was saved by the amazing team of nurses, doctors and specialists at Eagle Ridge Hospital.

Tom, a dedicated golfer, went into cardiac arrest and lost consciousness shortly after arriving through our “front” door. Our team responded immediately, providing defibrillation and shocking Tom back to life almost instantly. Tom opened his eyes as I was about to intubate him and said, “You guys saved my life!”

With over 52,000 Emergency Department visits last year we are seeing an increased demand for emergency care in our community. To give our patients the best chance at recovery and live their lives to the fullest, we need to ensure the best medical equipment and technology is available when they need it the most.

Our team’s goal is to assess, diagnose and treat patients quickly and efficiently so they can recover faster. We are here to care for you, however you need it, whenever you need it! In Tom’s case, the quick actions of our dedicated team were vital in saving critical time and ultimately, his life.

I have seen Tom several times since then, and every time he gives me a big hug and says how grateful he is for the whole team at Eagle Ridge Hospital. Tom is back on the golf course with his family and friends and enjoying every round!

We need your support to save more lives like Tom’s. Updated equipment and advanced spaces such as the Resuscitation Room will enhance the care we provide to our patients.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 to purchase the life-saving equipment needed by my team in the Emergency Department. Your support will deliver the best in health care – saving our sickest patients and getting them back to living their best lives.

Thank you,

Dr. Nigel Aspinall
Department Head, Emergency
Eagle Ridge Hospital

P.S. Our patients share one common goal — to go home to their families and back to their everyday lives. Please give now.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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