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X-Rays guide doctors in all types of patient treatment plans, from broken bones, to COVID-19, to surgical accuracy – quality images require the latest technology.

Since opening in September 2021, Phase 1 of Eagle Ridge Hospital’s newly expanded Emergency Department has been serving our community with state of the art technology and quality care. With the increased capacity of the new Emergency Department, patient volume has grown, and demand for medical imaging has never been higher.

Nearly 80% of emergency patients require the services of the Medical Imaging Department during the course of their diagnosis and treatment. We want to ensure we have the right equipment to continue to deliver the exceptional healthcare this community deserves, close to home.

Expanding our x-ray capabilities will allow my team and I to do what we strive to do every day – provide patients with the best care possible, right here, at Eagle Ridge Hospital.

Upgrading our x-ray technology will mean reduced wait times – for faster diagnosis and treatment.

You can make this happen by helping us fund:

  • Two (2) Portable Ultrasound Machines
  • Two (2) Mobile Digital X-Ray Machines (partially funded)
  • General Procedure Radiographic X-Ray Machine (partially funded)
  • Mini C-Arm – an x-ray attachment for surgical suite (funded)
  • Portable Ultrasound for PICC Lines (funded)
  • Cardiac Echo Ultrasound (funded)

This equipment, combined with the extensive medical expertise here at Eagle Ridge Hospital, will make the Medical Imaging Department a model of modern emergency care.

With the opening of Phase 2 of the new Emergency Department in Spring 2022, it will be a year of even more growth for Eagle Ridge Hospital and our community. To keep up with the growth, we need to equip our team with the right tools.

It takes an entire community coming together as champions of healthcare. Join me, and help raise the final $1,287,500 needed so that our dedicated team can continue delivering quality patient-centered care, with the latest technology.

Dr. Amit Ahuja, MD, FRCPC
Radiology Physician Lead, Medical Imaging
Eagle Ridge Hospital


P.S. To thank you for your support, we would be honoured to display your name on our virtual Have a Heart Giving Tree and also invite you to attend our Have a Heart Tea in February 2022.