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Looking for more details on the Eagle Ridge Hospital expansion?

Please get in touch with our Executive Director, Charlene Giovannetti-King at charlene@erhf.ca for full details.

Construction on Phase 1 is completed!

A number of services within the hospital moved recently to enable the Emergency Department to grow to three times its current size.

For those of you following ERH’s expansion, we are pleased to tell you that phase 1 is complete!

  • Health Records move to lower level adjacent the cafeteria – COMPLETED & OPEN!
  • Community Outpatient Services renovation on the first floor – COMPLETED & OPEN!
  • The new Bruce Kehler Cardiology Department located on the main level across from the gift shop – COMPLETED & OPEN as of June 12, 2020!

Phase 1 of the Emergency Department was completed, and opened September 21, 2021.

Phase 2 of construction will begin immediately following the completion of Phase 1, estimated completion date for April 2022.

Hospital Expansion

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