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In an emergency, every second is crucial. Not only do we need the right health care team but also the right equipment to save lives when every second counts.

As the head of the Emergency Department here at Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH), my team and I are the front line in delivering emergency medical care for our community – providing you and your loved ones with immediate, compassionate and lifesaving care 24 hours a day, every day.

Last year, over 53,000 patients and their families came to the Emergency Department at ERH in need of critical care. Some arrived on stretchers, others walked, were carried or came in wheelchairs. Some were children who took playing too far, others were adults suffering from chest pains or seniors who had taken a serious fall. In any of these cases, lives can be saved or lost in a matter of minutes. These minutes become even more crucial when diagnosis and treatment require enhanced services not available at our community hospital therefore requiring a patient transfer to centres with higher levels of care.

When these transfers happen, our health care team relies on trusted high performance medical equipment to provide critical and lifesaving care. This is why our Emergency Department is in need of a second transport monitor with defibrillator, to give people in need of transfer a fighting chance.

I am asking for your support today to purchase a new generation Lifepak Transport Monitor with Defibrillator, which is vital for monitoring, stabilizing and at times resuscitating patients while they are being transferred. This piece of equipment will alert nurses and physicians of life-threatening complications and its defibrillator can even bring patients back to life in certain situations if their heart stops.

Every hour of every day, our Emergency Department is “open” to care for you. But, even with the very best in health care professionals on your side, we cannot do our best for you without the equipment we need.

Eagle Ridge Hospital has a strong reputation – one that is compassionate in its approach while delivering best-in-class care to our growing community. Like you, I, along with Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, want this legacy to continue. Please make a gift towards the purchase of this vital piece of equipment and continue to support our greatest needs.


Dr. Ali Abdalvand
Emergency Department Head
Eagle Ridge Hospital

P.S. To thank you for your donation, please be sure to attend our 23rd Annual Have a Heart Tea on February 20 – RSVP with your online donation and we will provide further details.


Westwood Honda

Westwood Honda is a generous contributor to the Have a Heart Campaign.