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Eagle Ridge Hospital’s new Bruce Kehler Cardiology Department has been serving our community since its opening this past June. With increased access to cardiac services, our patients now receive the care they deserve, close to home. With a dedicated team supporting us on a daily basis, we are extremely proud to serve our community.

Serving inpatients and outpatients, the newly expanded cardiac services offered through the Pacemaker Clinic, Stress Test Lab, Holter Monitor Rooms and the Cardiac Imaging Lab allow our dedicated cardiology team to provide the bestin- class care to more patients and with reduced wait times.

The Cardiac Imaging Lab, which is comprised of two (2) new additional spaces for a total of three (3) Echo Rooms, provides a critical service in the detection and early diagnosis of valve disease through a test known as an echocardiogram. Approximately 3300 echocardiograms are performed yearly at Eagle Ridge Hospital. With a current backlog of a year’s worth of tests, we will be relying heavily on the newly expanded Cardiac Imaging Lab to eliminate this backlog.

Performed through the use of a Cardiac Echo Machine, a premium 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system, echocardiograms are diagnostics tests that create an accurate picture of the heart using sound waves to show the shape, texture and movement of a patient’s heart valves, as well as showing the function and strength of the heart muscle itself. This critical test can detect many problems such as valvular heart disease, damage from a heart attack or infections, and blood clots which can be a risk for stroke; all of which are vital factors in improving and saving lives.

In order to properly serve our patients today, and meet the demand of our growing community in the future, we must ensure that the Cardiac Imaging Lab is outfitted with the necessary equipment that our health care team can rely on to provide the best care possible. With one outdated Cardiac Echo Machine model, we run the risk of compromising a patient’s diagnosis, thus it is necessary to replace it with the most up-to-date model to serve our community for many years to come.

It is our privilege to serve our exceptional community. Help us reach our goal of $197,256 so that our dedicated team can continue to provide the best in cardiac care to you and your loved ones. Please join us in making a gift today to fund a new Cardiac Echo Machine to improve and save lives.

With gratitude,


Dr. Cameron Dehoney, FRCPC
Department Head, Cardiology
Eagle Ridge Hospital


Dr. Vineet Bhan, FRCPC
Eagle Ridge Hospital


Dr. Benjamin Leung, FRCPC
Eagle Ridge Hospital

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