The Cost of Care

Thank you for your your generous donations this year! It is with your help that many of the high-priority equipment needs are starting to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital! This new equipment brings the latest and most reliable technology making procedures safer and more effective. Surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff appreciate your support in their quest to deliver the best of medical care to your loved ones coming to Eagle Ridge Hospital.

DepartmentEquipment Wishlist 2017-18Cost
RespiratoryPulmonary Therapy Kit “AIRVO x3 $9,710
RespiratoryBIPAP Ventilator$36,720
EmergencyTransport Monitor with Defibrillator X2 $73,715 each
SurgeryAir Seal System (Women’s Health) $60,000
Medical Imaging/CardiologyVivid E90 Cardiac Echo$140,000
EmergencySIM Doll – teaching tool$50,000
SurgeryRecliner Chairs X 9$42,500
SurgeryFluid Warmer for the Operating Room$10,785
MedicinePediatric Colonoscope$52,850
SurgeryBladder Scanner $24,671
SurgeryDrill Set – Back and Neck Surgery$67,500
MedicinePediatric Glidescope – titanium blade$9,500
AmbulatoryChairs for Medical Daycare X2 (Outpatient IV Therapy)$9,500
EmergencyTransport Ventilator LTV 1200 $57,000
Together we keep you beating…
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