The Cost of Care

Thank you for your your generous donations this year! It is with your help that many of the high-priority equipment needs are starting to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital! This new equipment brings the latest and most reliable technology making procedures safer and more effective. Surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff appreciate your support in their quest to deliver the best of medical care to your loved ones coming to Eagle Ridge Hospital.

DepartmentEquipment Wishlist 2016-17Cost
CardiacDiagnostic Event Recorders + Holter Monitors$48,561
Critical CareVideo Glidescope$20,215
LaboratoryBlood Gas Analyzer$30,703
SurgeryWomen's Scopes$74,038
SurgeryHarmonic Scalpel$69,685
SurgeryCamera, Ultra Capture Unit$25,324
SurgeryPediatric Bronchoscope for Intubation$51,045
Public HealthInfant Scale x 2$17,541
Public HealthReclining Breast Feeding Chair x 2$9,436
TC CDU (Dialysis Unit)Patient comfort stations x 19$150,725
ERH ManorRec therapy entertainment and Entry furniture$18,000
AudiologyHearing aids $25,000
Areola Tattoo ClinicClinic operating funds$20,000
Social WorkOperating funds$1,500
PATHCreative Camouflage for Dementia Patients$2,500
Mental Health, RiverviewFitness Room, transitional Coffee House$30,500