The Cost of Care

Thank you for your your generous donations this year! It is with your help that many of the high-priority equipment needs are starting to arrive at Eagle Ridge Hospital! This new equipment brings the latest and most reliable technology making procedures safer and more effective. Surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff appreciate your support in their quest to deliver the best of medical care to your loved ones coming to Eagle Ridge Hospital.

DepartmentEquipment Wishlist 2015-16Cost
MCUCompleted Ventilator - ensures breathing, supports life$31,478
ERCompleted Monitor - measures limb pressures$13,866
ERCompleted Electric Stretchers - (2)
Allow for easy moving injured patients
ERCompleted Electric Stretcher - Transmotion (2) -Changes position of patient $36,214
ERCompleted Ultrasound - allows for quick life-saving diagnosis$96,345
ERCompleted Ultrasound - additional accessories$8,409
ERCompleted Portable Monitors - Vital sign monitor stays with the patient$37,405
ERCompleted Portable Monitor - accessories$14,561
ERCompleted O2 Oximetry + Capnography (Co2) - monitors breathing and heart function$20,080
LabCentrifuge$9,587 - requires funding
LabCompleted Vein Viewer - reduce the number of needle pokes$14,378
Operating RoomBreast Cancer - SPY Imaging Camera to reduce post-surgical complications$325,000
High Intensity RehabCompleted SAEBO - hand-neural training device for stroke patients$24,798
High Intensity RehabCompleted Stretch - saebo support - stroke recovery$2,242
High Intensity RehabCompleted Text to Voice Communicator for stroke and brain injury patients$9,302
High Intensity RehabCompleted Myo Feedback - for brain-muscle function$5,646
High Intensity RehabCompleted Wheelchair$10,098
Surgical ObGynCompleted Endoscope - special scope for womens health$24,805