Every donation, big or small, makes a difference in the lives of patients being treated at Eagle Ridge Hospital. A special experience at the hospital is what encouraged the below donors to give.

When you donate to the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation your gift is put towards a vital piece of equipment that the hospital urgently needs to keep you healthy. The Foundation also supports the professional development of hospital staff, to ensure patients receive the best possible care during the most difficult times in their lives.

Dr. Brian Yang explains why he needs your help.

Meet Bill Dick, owner of Phoenix Truck and Crane


Mr. Bill Dick views the equipment donated with over $65,000 in funds raised at the Evening of Caring Gala 2010. This special portable ultrasound unit is critical in helping those very ill emergency room patients receive the best care, with increased efficiency in our busy ER.

The operating room at Eagle Ridge Hospital will soon receive a new flexible larygnoscope this year thanks to a generous gift from Bill and Celeste Dick, owners of Phoenix Truck and Crane. This scope will be used by our surgeons to remove foreign bodies lodged in your airway or it can be used to detect and treat infections, growths and cancers of the throat. This new scope can make the difference between life and death.

Did you know that 44,000 patients were treated in our ER last year?

This is not the first time Mr. Dick has stepped up to help the hospital acquire medical equipment that was urgently needed. Last year, at the Evening of Caring, he made a significant gift that helped Eagle Ridge purchase a new portable mini C x-ray arm used in the OR, Ambulatory Care and in the Emergency Room to detect fractures in the small limbs of both adults and children.  In expressing his appreciation to the physicians and staff at Eagle Ridge for helping his family, he said, “We have had some close calls with both cancer and heart issues and I am pleased to be able to help the hospital that helps us. For me, it just makes good sense. These investments in our community hospital are investments that benefit my family.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dick for your continued generosity and committment to helping our hospital aquire the best possible equipment!

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