Together we have raised enough to fund hearing equipment for 22 children! Won’t you help us … we wish to help 75 children over the next three years with the gift of hearing.

Being hard of hearing shouldn’t lead to tough choices, like buying groceries or essential medical care. Bethany’s Mom works hard, yet struggles everyday to afford the basics for her family, and is faced with incredible guilt that she cannot buy hearing aids for her hard of hearing child. Your donation will bring this precious gift of hearing to children like Bethany’s, whose family lives just above the poverty line and is ineligible for special funding.

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The Impact of Your Gift


Brings the gift of hearing (including new hearing aids, ear molds, fitting service and batteries) to one child that can last up to 3 years.


Buys ear molds and batteries for one child lasting up to 3 years.


Provides batteries for one child lasting three years.