You are invited to Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation’s 27th Annual Evening of Caring Gala!

Evening of Caring Gala is an event to celebrate and inspire support for Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. As the Tri-Cities premier fundraising event, this year will feature an elegant evening of “Gin & Jazz” together with our Fund-A-Need campaign in support of new, lifesaving equipment for our community hospital.

DATE: Saturday, September 30, 2017
PLACE: Molson Canadian Theatre at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver



Fund-A-Need Campaign

Evening of Caring Gala has always been about ensuring Eagle Ridge Hospital continues to provide world-class patient care for our community. This year our Fund-A-Need campaign at the Gala will be raising funds for equipment that will impact:

Women’s Health / Air Seal System - $60,000

The system consists of a large square box that helps facilitate airflow through a surgical trocar (a large pen like port for access during surgery to the patient’s abdominal cavity) and maintains consistent abdominal pressure for prolonged surgeries lasting up to four to five hours.

In conjunction with other surgical equipment, the AirSeal System is ideal for procedures in multiple specialties, including gynecology and general surgery, as it maintains stable abdominal insufflation (it maintains abdominal pressure during surgeries)thus; reducing the stress among the surgeons and benefiting patient care.

ERH performs approximately six gynecological surgeries daily. This does not include numerous general surgeries that utilize this specialized Air Seal System.

In 2016, 6,287 surgeries were performed at Eagle Ridge Hospital’s Operating Rooms; an increase of 6% over the previous year (in 2015, 5,932 surgeries were performed). The AirSeal System’s inaugural use at ERH was in 2015, and it has revolutionized specialty gynecological and general surgeries in our Operating Rooms as evidenced by the six percent increase in the number of surgeries.

The Air Seal System will be featured during the Fund-A-Need portion of the night at our Evening of Caring Gala.

Cardiac Health / Cardiac Echo - $140,000

From a young father to a grandmother who just wants to make sure she’s in good health, medical imaging helps detect and diagnose disease at its earliest, most treatable stages improving patient outcomes.

Imaging innovations have turned countless patients at Eagle Ridge Hospital into survivors. In 2016, 4,069 cardiac ultrasounds were performed at Eagle Ridge Hospital, an increase of 16% from last year (in 2015, 3,497 cardiac ultrasounds per performed). It is one of the most prescribed diagnostic tests.

Currently, Eagle Ridge Hospital has two Echo Cardiac Machines shared by three X-Ray Technicians, servicing a population of over 226,000. We are inviting the community to partner with us to acquire a new Echo Cardiac Machine Vivid E90, the best-in-class ultrasound system, (echocardiogram) for our busy Medical Imaging Department. An additional Cardiac Echo Machine would help reduce patient wait times from three months to six weeks and build capacity in the Medical Imaging Department at Eagle Ridge Hospital.

The Cardiac Echo will be featured during the Fund-A-Need portion of the night at our Evening of Caring Gala.

Teaching Through Simulation / RAS Doll - $50,000

How does one prepare for real emergencies? When such events can be infrequent and unpredictable, ERH health care providers must ensure their clinical decisions, skills and reactions are at the highest standards. With RAS we can.

Unlike the antiquated simulation mannequins that ERH has been using, the RAS has been designed for the unique training needs of emergency care in hospital environments. Making mistakes can be a valuable part of the learning process. In the simulation environment, patients are not put at risk.

The RAS is anatomically realistic with a host of features available to respond to any situation. Our Doctors, Nurses, and health care providers can experience a range of events from physical examination to major trauma.

The RAS is equipped with a complete CPR training package which includes a computer (the SimPadPLUS with the SkillGuide) and a video monitor (SkillReporter). Together, they aid in running different “simulations” for scenario based training.

The intuitive operating platform provides integrated data and video capture, as well as simulated patient monitoring capabilities. In 2016, there was a total of 50,610 Emergency Department visits; an increase of 30% (since 2010, 38,904 visited our Emergency Department).

This tremendous increase has demonstrated the urgent need for this equipment. While hands-on learning with real patients cannot be completely replaced, simulation training provides a safe environment for learning.

According to Angela Azzi, Clinical Operations Manager, Emergency Department at ERH, “simulation based training education bolsters team work and provides a valuable tool for improving the teams’ communication when treating critically ill patients.” Azzi follows this by saying that simulation training is “a technique (not a technology) to amplify real emergency department experiences and change the way we think about team training.”

The RAS Doll will be featured during the Fund-A-Need portion of the night at our Evening of Caring Gala.

Greatest Needs - $25,000

A gift in support of our greatest needs means your dollars can touch many areas of the hospital; new medical equipment may be purchased, improvements to medical facilities can be planned and education opportunities can unfold for hospital staff to deliver the highest quality of care possible for our community.

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